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is a Swiss based network of independent transformation experts, aligning their multidisciplinary competences of integrated change management, digital transformation, corporate innovation, new work and circular intelligence into purposeful, open and sustainable transformation strategies for bold, committed clients of any size and industry.

Our allies and partners

are scientists, researchers and analysts, innovation designers, entrepreneurs and venture catalysts, team builder and business angles, project pilots, software developers, brand and go-to-market experts. Enabling holistic change on all corporate transformation levels: to design and realize new services, products, projects, ventures or ecosystems.

The certainty of unknown terrain

We are totally convinced that any corporate transformation only will succeed if all major transformation fields are considered and analyzed together: where are hidden opportunities, where are dangerous pitfalls, where are blind spots or underestimated risks. Only those who have everything in mind will gain the orientation to implement the new.

Basel – Lugano – Milano – Munich – Vienna – Zurich