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Regardless of whether you simply want to implement just a new project or set up a completely new company –
we offer you a fully integrated, three-stage entry scenario into every corporate transformation process:

Stage one: Status-Quo Assessment

  • We analyze where your company, your entire business ecosystem and your industry currently stands.
  • We detect how your actual and future customers think and how existing and possible new markets work.
  • We decode mega trends and how future developments will influence or massively change your business.
  • We assess the circular business framework of the EU and clarify the future sustainability rules of your industry.
  • We research, analyze and evaluate state-of-the-art technologies, new digital processes and data services.

Stage two: 5T-Strategy Hack

  • We fuse week signals and findings of the assessment with the competences and insights of our allies and experts.
  • We (re)-define your Why?How?What? and determine your corporate vision, mission and 5T-transformation strategies.
  • We analyze the challenges of each transformation field for your company and develop a joint transformation strategy.
  • We select and prioritize the most relevant t-fields and commonly develop different change framework scenarios.
  • We document findings, evaluate and prioritize results, select the most promising MVP and the best stage 3 setting.

Stage three: Transformation Driver Seat

At stage three we need to make a joint decision on the best way forward:

3A External Project Hive

We design and develop your entire project externally:

MVP, whitepaper, specifications, milestones, team, budget.

3B Corporate Transformation Lab

We build a temporary corporate future lab within your company;

with internal resources and external transformation experts.

3C The royal discipline - Corporate Venture Building

We develop and build an independent corporate venture;

including team, funding and future company structure.

Basel – Lugano – Milano – Munich – Vienna – Zurich